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Resolve your legal disputes quickly, inexpensively,
without the need for lawyers with globally enforceable decisions

Are you a Civil Law Notary? Learn how to join CLNAA

Global Internet Arbitration For The Digital Age

How it Works

Secure agreement to CLNAA arbitration terms either prior to dispute on set or once dispute occurs.
Sign up as a user and make an arbitration demand.
CLNAA contacts respondent and requests a response.
CLNAA appoints arbitrator
Partiesupload documents evidence and arbitrator conducts investigation

International Roster of Civil Notaries

Our arbitrators are all civil law notaries and are drawn from a worldwide roster of highly trained and neutral professional lawyers.

Internet – Based/Non-Adversarial

Our arbitrations are not constricted by location-based hearings, adversarial attorney discovery or the need for significant scheduling or preparation.

Low Cost/Fast Decisions

Because of our unique civil law procedural structure our civil law notaries can resolve your dispute faster and with less overall expense than traditional forms of arbitration

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